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学术讲座(三): Roles of Polymerization andPolymer Binders For Lithium Ion Batteries

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主讲人:Prof. Shanqing Zhang 

时间: 18日下午3:30

地点: 丽湖校区B1420


Prof. Eddie Shanqing Zhang obtained his PhD degree inelectrochemistry in 2001 at Griffith University, Australia. Since then, he hasworked as a research fellow during 2001–2006, senior research fellow during2007–2009 and associate professor at Centre for Clean Environment and Energyand Griffith School of Environment, Griffith University during 2010-2015. As a core inventor, Dr. Zhang has developed a series of patented andcommercialized technologies based on functional nanomaterials. He was awardedAustralia Research Council Future Fellow for 2009-2013. Currently, Prof. Zhangis mainly engaged in the research on design and synthesis of functionalnanomaterials and polymers (binders and solid polymeric electrolyte) for energyconversion and storage devices, as well as the development of intelligentonline and/or onsite sensors for environmental monitoring. He has published ca.170 reputable papers with H-index of 50 and delivered numerous Keynotes andinvited lectures.



Polymer composite frameworks can confine the electrodeactive within the electrode of lithium ion batteries (LIBs) to deliver largeenergy capacity, high energy density and long operation time. We believe thebinding mechanism between the binder and electroactive materials mainlyconsists of mechanical interlocking and interfacial interactions. The latterincludes intermolecular forces and chemical bonds. Functional polymer binderscan impart special functions such as electronic and ion conductivity, self-healingand flexibility, on electrodes of LIBs. In our lab, the polymer binders havebeen applied to the most challenging anode materials Si and cathode materialssulfur. In-situ polymerization of sustainable materials such as furfuralprovides a comprehensive strategy in designing electrodes for long life, largecapacity and high rate LIB using the proposed mechanisms.



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